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When it comes to resolving disputes going to court can often be a costly and stressful experience.  Mediation is an alternative method which brings together two or more disputants and assists them to come to a  solution which is mutually agreeable to all.

Arbitration is also an alternative to the court process - the parties choose an Arbitrator who determines the matter at a mutually convenient time and place with the added advantage of the proceedings remaining confidential.

At the Alban Resolution Centre our aim to is to achieve these objectives with Mediators and Arbitrators who have backgrounds within the legal and commercial arenas

We cover Mediations in a number of areas including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Family 
  • Ancillary Relief
  • Commercial/Contract disputes
  • Employment/Workplace mediation
  • Property/Neighbourhood disputes

Mediators are trained to facilitate the settlement of disputes of all types and the skills used to achieve agreeable outcomes can be easily transferred to areas not included in the above list. 

As to Arbitration - we have an Arbitrator who is qualified to act in all matters, with two Arbitrators qualified to act in family matters.

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